A computer is a gadget that can be given instructions to do something by a handler and gives the results as instructed. It can carry out an arbitrary set of arithmetic and other operations that are logical and automatically. The capability of a computer to follow a series is known as a program. This makes the computers to handle a wide range of tasks. The computers are used in the industries and as consumer devices so as to access some information that could hardly be accessed manually. It therefore saves time and speeds up the rate at which the results are acquired. Another kind of computers includes remotes, mobile phones, and other devices that have computer assisted designs. The computers are found all over the world, and they are very significant in the day to day lives.


However, a computer is prone to damage and breakdowns and this makes it vulnerable. A breakdown makes the computer unable to operate efficiently or may not operate at all.  Human beings, however, have come up with ways through which they can mend any breakdown that can occur in the system. The breakdown could be in the software or the hardware. This is mainly done by the technicians since they have the knowledge in this field.


One of the ways on how to avoid breakdowns especially in the software, the owner or the handler is advised to buy an antivirus that protects the computer against any virus. A computer virus is a piece of code that has the ability to copy itself and commonly has a detrimental effect as corrupting the program and destroying the data that could be stored in the computer. By purchasing an anti-virus at the computer repair shops near me, it helps in scanning any virus that could be on the computer. T also assists the computer by not allowing any unknown program that could have the virus from being read by the computer.


The second thing to do so as to avoid the break down is by avoiding any overuse of the computer. You should be able to know your computers specifications. If the computer is running idly, it takes some of your computers RAM and the processing power. This is because when the operating system is running the background programs are also running as well.


You should also deal with the hardware issues. You should detect when something is not operating as it should be and you should fix it if it is a minor damage. You should also take advantage of the warranties that you have been given and take it back to the iPhone glass repair shop for the needed service.